Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cangarda under way!

Cangarda under way! Coast Guard has given limited permission on the Bay for builder's trials. The steam yacht operated for Saturday and Sunday, going just outside the Golden Gate for a helicopter photo shoot.

Leaving Richmond Marina (Albany Hill in the background)

Helicopter aerial

A little bow trim

The crew is making progress with the vessel. The automation and boiler managment system are much more stable and seem to be working better. Previously, there were several problems with the steam plant. One of the big ones was maintaining the burner flame when turned down low. They've spent a tremendous amount of time adjusting the steam atomization, fuel pressure, etc. Now (from a distance), it seems to be working... for the first time both burners have operated at once.

Indeed, although Cangarda is working much better, there is still a great deal to do on the regulatory side before the USCG will let the vessel go to the East Coast. Stay tuned.

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axolotl9 said...

I take it that the trials are going all week? I photographed the Cangarda off Angel Island on Friday and stumbled on your page while trying to identify her through Google. Beautiful boat. Unfortunate that we'll be losing her to the East Coast.