Monday, May 19, 2008

Single handed sailing

What was it Mom always say about single handed sailing:

- "One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself?

- "Always wear your harness and clip into your lifeline? ...or was it:

-"Fly there instead and stay in a hotel". (actually, I think the only thing she did say was, "where do you stop at night?")

Well, even the great Chuck Handy can go overboard, and he just blogged about it.
Chuck is a circumnavigator and an itinerant (reknowned) boatbuilder who worked here on Cangarda among many, many other projects. Now, on Deviant he's on his way to the Marshall Islands (wherever they are). Clearly, I'm in no position to lecture anyone at any time on any subject, but for crissakes least wear sun block.
For all the Cangarda blogee's out there, Chief Jordan raised steam this weekend. He fired up the boiler (by hand) and carefully got it up to ~100 psi...even turned over the main engine a half a revolution. Congratulations, Pete.

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woodchuck13 said...

Good to hear that Pete Jordan got some steam up in the Cangarda. Good on ya, Pete! Andy, please keep us updated on the Cangarda as it is just outside your window! Is it true that one or more of the construction crew will be flying in from Kiwi Land for the delivery back east?

On falling overboard... the first thought was of how nice and warm the water was (unlike the Bay area), the second thought was "Get the **** back in the boat you stupid ass!"

Nice work on the blog.

Chuck Handy