Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brooks Dees' GP 26

On May 1st, Brooks launched Salt Peanuts next door at Bay Ship and Yacht. Right after launching, he sailed it off the dock:

Here's the video of the first sail in what looks like 10 -12 knots off Richmond (you can see Angel Island in the background). Salt Peanuts is a GP 26, a developmental class, which is gaining popularity in Europe. It's the first one in the US, and Brooks designed (and built) it.

Salt Peanuts is featured in this week's Sailing Anarchy, which would be worth a visit even if Brooks weren't the headline. Tri-Coastal homies know that Brooks worked here in the late 90's. He left to work for Jim Antrim. Now his day job is with BS&Y in Alameda. I don't make predictions (especially about the future!), but I'm hoping this is going to be his breakthrough boat.

Check out Brooks' site

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