Friday, April 25, 2008

Cangarda to go to Mystic

Hot off the press -- Cangarda will be donated to Mystic Seaport! Here's a recent newspaper article. (At least I assume it's a's so hard to tell nowadays when anyone can post a Blog!!!). "A San Francisco area boatyard has just completed a four-year restoration of the yacht. The work included construction of a new hull and restoration of the elaborate Victorian interior and woodwork. The museum said the current owner of the Cangarda, which is one of only three of its kind left in the world, wishes to remain anonymous." Interesting to read "has just completed a four-year restoration"...wonder what all those guys are doing out there today? ;-)

Percy posted a comment asking what the heck happened to Steve Cobb? Captain Cobb was involved with Cangarda since the fact, since before the beginning. Here's a link to an article about him that appeared in Power and Motor Yacht back in 2003. Some time ago he sent me a link to some of his Cangarda pictures. Some nice engine room shots, although it's way more crowded in there since those pictures were taken.

I don't know what happened to Steve. I think he may have just got fed up with the slow pace of work...he's married and has a life back in Camden, Me. Email him and ask ( I believe the owner may not have felt a pressing need to have a licensed captain on board as he intends to operate both the vessel and the steam plant himself (that's the purpose of the plant automation). Even though Cangarda is a yacht, it is subject to federal regulation (assuming it is reflagged in the US) since it has a steam boiler on board. I'm not certain that all the regulatory issues have been resolved.

With regards to Percy's comment about the wisdom taking the vessel and ancient steam plant on a long sea voyage as soon as it is completed (the owner's intention)...well, good luck to "they who go down to the Sea in Ships".

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