Monday, April 21, 2008

Making steam (actually hot water)

Chief Jordan et al have done as they said they up Cangarda's burners. Now ladies and gentlemen, here is the first dramatic, photographic evidence of their success.

Apparently, the first step prior to actually making steam is to boil out the boilers to clean out the chemicals and mill scale left over from fabrication. They had to jury rig the burners, blowers, et cetera to make a fire, but...they did it!

Cangarda make steam (um...actual just hot water)

I think Pete is going back to Maine for a coupla' three weeks until the electricians finish their wiring. Next step is regulated steam. Check back for breaking news!

I see the film company put up a link to the movie trailer:

Check it out and get back to me.

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Perc. Seine said...

I hear from Chief Pete that as of last weekend May 20, they have successfully operated all 6 auxiliaries and the main engine under steam. First time since 1947.