Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cangarda update

"I am going to get my nut on this trip, Miles. And you are not going to fuck it up for me with all your depression and anxiety and neg-head downer shit." Jack, Sideways, 2004.

Supposedly, I am one of the major neg-head downers of the marine world. (Years ago, a sailing magazine described me as "a bucket of cold seawater in the face of nautical enthusiasm". It's me nature.) And maybe, yes, I've been a little too down on the prospects of Cangarda raising steam and actually navigating any time in the near future.

Today that changed.

Pete Jordan is the real deal. Marine Chief Engineer Motor & Steam any horsepower, Pete is something like Scotty on the Starship Enterprise -- he will make the engines run, even if he has to go down to the Vulcan surface and mine the DiLithium crystals himself.

"I'll get it running may not be pretty, but it will run."

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Percy said...

Glad to see they've got some talent there. Last time I saw the engine room it was far from ready, and things seemed, to put it mildly, a bit confused.

I heard also that Capt. Steve Cobb has left the project. Too bad. Wonder why. He'd been with the yacht since before McNeil. In my opinion, he made it happen.

Anyway she looks good. Here's wishing she runs as well. I hear they plan to steam to the east coast once operational. Thats an awful lot to ask from that beautiful old machinery right out of the box. It would be the biggest trip she's ever made; perhaps more than her summertime day boat design was meant to handle. Perc.