Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alcatraz Clipper

Another Cangarda comment! Maybe I should start a steam yacht Cangarda blog?
Dear Thomas and other steam aficionados (nuts) who may read this, I believe Tri-Coastal Marine has been cut loose from this project (although no one has informed me one way or the other). We will update our Cangarda webpage when we get a chance. We've got many inquiries/complaints about progress with the steam plant, and I don't have any good answers. Basically, it is complicated, principally due to all the automatic combustion controls. I'll take some pictures of the engine room and post them so you can get a feel for it.

FYI, as I wrote previously, it appears to me that the project is at a standstill. Not a lot of recent activity, no sign of steam....John Horton is the only guy out there today. I'm pretty certain that Steve Cobb (captain) has left as well...at least he doesn't come around for coffee anymore.
Ahem. To return to the (my) Naval Architect's Blog:

This morning I headed over to Bayside Boatworks in Sausalito to measure the Alcatraz Clipper. The Clipper and the Flyer are ex- Blue and Gold Fleet ferries that Alcatraz Cruises bought for the Alcatraz/Pier 39 route. They are both over thirty years old, but still good. The Clipper is up on the railway at Bayside for replating, repowering and general rehabiliation. Here's a picture from the upper deck this morning over Richardson Bay:

What view. This railway, as others, was built on the foundation of WWII Liberty ship building ways. It's a little like stumbling across the giant remains of a previous civilization.

It barely fits.

The boats are old, and the documentation is indifferent. Today we measured the deck edge, chine, profile, draft marks, and propeller shaft location. This will ensure that we have an accurate hull model for future calculations. Here are the surveyors digitizing the chine with a total station device.

Surveyor with total station device