Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diesel oil

Cangarda instant update: Cangarda is taking on fuel today. The pump truck is right outside(but luckily I have my noise cancelling headset) and the +3000 gallons of diesel should take all day at acceptance rate of the vessel. (Just checked, fueling rate is ~24 gallons/ a little more than two hours.)

I touched on the repowering of the Alcatraz Flyer yesterday. In the SF Bay we're very conscious about vehicle emissions. (That's why there are more Priuses here than anywhere in the world - they're powered by guilt) Replacing the Flyer's old Caterpillar 3512's with the MTU's will result in +30 gallon fuel saving per engine per hour at the operational speed. Let's say the vessel operates 1000 hours per year at the average operational power. That's an average fuel saving of ~60,000 gallons/year, which means at hundreds of thousands of dollars of fuel savings per year. Since there are ~2.78 kg of carbon per gallon of diesel, it also means 1668 metric tons of carbon won't be emitted into the atmosphere each year.

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